The Virgance is the recorded work of Nathan Smith, a UK solo artist producing instrumental shoegaze, dream pop, ambient, post rock and noise rock. The project began rather casually in 2010, building slowly but surely towards the release of debut LP 'Lost Continent' in January 2014 via netlabel El Vals del Conejo. During the following 18 months, two further guitar-based albums, 'Hiko Shrine' and 'Paradigm 3', were released to critical acclaim in the online shoegaze community and blogosphere. Halloween 2017 saw a radical evolution of the Virgance sound with the release of 'Worship The Moon'. An imagined horror soundtrack boasting a diverse range of tones and textures, the album represents quite a departure as Smith's signature guitar effects are temporarily replaced by Hammond organ, electric piano, synthesizers and sound design. On the forthcoming fifth and final LP, guitars feature heavily once more whilst a strong synth presence is maintained, touching on moods and moments from all four previous works. 'Flying V' arrives 25.05.20.


The Virgance